Achieving Financial Independence with Domains

Chapter 18: Domaining Tools

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As there are not a lot of tools in the domain industry, when a good working tool comes along there is reason for celebration. (DRT for short) is one of the most comprehensive software applications for domaining that exists in the world today. This tool is used by many Domainers (including myself) to find many different types of domains with many different kinds of extensions. For instance, you can scan Alexa, Page Rank, Link Pop, etc.

While can scan,,, and a number of other different types of domain attributes, you have to be careful because you can ban yourself easily from any one of those providers with this tool. If you don’t use proxies then you will get banned from Google. com,, and the other websites. YOU, yourself will not be able to search in or until they unban you. The search engines ban you by blocking searches coming from the I.P. address associated with your home router.

In order to get around getting banned, you are going to have to load a lot of proxy servers into this tool. does not provide proxies servers so you will have to find your own, but there are a number of other services that will go out and find the proxies for you and email them to you on a daily/weekly basis. As I don’t have time to go out and find a ton of proxies I would recommend finding some way to get that info as easily as possible. Proxy service providers come and go day by day, so you’ll have to keep track of these. – An Essential Tool for Domainers

WhoQ is a unique WHOIS service for domainers & businesses to provide accurate domain name details with a secure way to communicate with the domain name owner. WhoQ ensures 100% privacy for buyers and sellers.

Like other WHOIS services, the WhoQ database is a searchable list of every single domain currently registered in the world, but with a difference. The legacy WHOIS is failing the industry largely broken because of haphazard implementation of privacy laws such as GDPR which prevents interested buyers from contacting domain owners. WhoQ offers a solution to this. By protecting privacy, the participating domains are open for any offers from individuals/businesses through a secure form.

Anybody who needs to know details about any domain registered, domainers who wish to sell their domain names, businesses/individuals who wish to have direct contact with the domain name owner.

Domain sellers can register a FREE account and add their domain names for sale, providing a secure way to communicate with the buyers.Businesses/Individuals who wish to buy/inquire about a domain name directly with the domain name registrant can do a search and fill out the secure inquiry form to have direct communication with the desired domain name owner. is simply an innovative and new-age way for buying and selling domain names through direct private communication between the domain owner and the buyer.

To learn more about WhoQ services and products Click here

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